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Montenegro , Saturday 17 February 2018

News Montenegro » Health: Ex-General Charged Over Montenegro 'Coup' Starts Hunger Strike

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Publication date: Wednesday 07 February 2018

adding that his client's health was poor. Dikic and 19 other Serbian citizens are accused of plotting a coup in Montenegro on October 16 to overthrow the country's pro-Western government. Their apparent aim was to assassinate then Prime Minister Milo ...

News Montenegro » Health: US servicewomen’s reproductive health coverage trails global counterparts, pro-abortion rights group study says

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Publication date: uesday 13 February 2018

Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Greece, Bulgaria and Belgium were also ... The report recommends that the Defense Department’s health system policy be amended to include coverage for abortion and that military treatment facilities ...

News Montenegro » Health: Montenegro's Portonovi Marina joins forces with D-Marin

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Publication date: Wednesday 07 February 2018

A new marina at the heart of a €650 million luxury development in Montenegro’s picturesque Boka Bay will ... and residences and will have a vast Espace Chenot Health Wellness Spa. At the centre of the hotel is a vast pool which has been designed ...

News Montenegro » Health: Montenegro Officers To Join NATO Force In Kosovo

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Publication date: Saturday 03 February 2018

Montenegro plans to deploy two military officers in the NATO-led mission in Kosovo, its first new international operation since it joined the Western military alliance last year. Montenegro’s National Security Council on Friday decided to send two ...

News Montenegro » Health: Sen. Rand Paul on Sen. John McCain: 'I wish him well and I hope he is able to return'

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Publication date: hursday 15 February 2018

He delivered that message standing next to a Senate candidate who again this month suggested that McCain should step down for health reasons ... they went at each other over a treaty to allow Montenegro to join NATO over Russia's objections.

News Montenegro » Health: Upgrading the Commitment to the Western Balkans

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Publication date: onday 12 February 2018

A looser Union with lower democratic standards could be tempting for some leaders in the Balkans, but it would remove mechanisms to protect the health of Europe’s own ... and by supporting Montenegro’s accession to NATO last year.

News Montenegro » Health: Pushpa Senthil Kumar, Princepal Singh and Sejin Mathew from India to feature at Fourth Annual Basketball Without Borders Global Camp

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Publication date: Friday 09 February 2018

Players and coaches will lead the campers through a variety of activities on and off the court, including movement efficiency, positional skill development, shooting and skills competitions, 5-on-5 games, and daily life skills seminars focusing on health ...

News Montenegro » Health: Europe revives its power of attraction

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Publication date: hursday 08 February 2018

To prevent another outbreak of violent ethnic nationalism, the EU wants the six aspirants for membership – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro ... released from the residential mental health facility where she spent the ...

News Montenegro » Health: US Candy Store Has Sweets That Go Back to the Past

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Publication date: onday 05 February 2018

Surprisingly, sweets were first used as health food and for medicine Malted Milk ... A bag of fruit-flavored crimson jelly hearts brings back memories for Emmanuel Montenegro. “The last time I saw this was probably 18 years ago or so.